It’s Weird Being An Immigrant Muslim Morrissey Fan

(This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post)

Any pre-adolescent who discovered Morrissey at a time when all around were bopping to Wham! was most likely in a weird place ­– in my case, Bangladesh. There I was, this little Muslim boy unsatisfied with the verses the Qur’an offered to explain the way the world worked, turning instead to pop music for answers, when my moment of apostasy came halfway through tape two of Now That’s What I Call Music Vol II.

“The devil will find work for idle hands to do. I stole and then I lied, why? Because you asked me to.”

No one I’d ever heard of spoke like that. Back then, my pop philosophy stretched no further than Howard Jones asking me to ponder ‘what is love anyway?’ and Duran Duran urging me to ‘picture the lizard mixture’, so it’s no exaggeration to say What Difference Does It Make? blew my tiny mind. Continue reading “It’s Weird Being An Immigrant Muslim Morrissey Fan”