Budget Your Way to a New Home

Client: HSBC
As featured in: Huffington Post

saving for a houseIt’s payday. Time to splash out, you owe it to yourself after the week you’ve had eking out the last paycheque. If this sounds familiar, you’re nowhere near ready to become a homebuyer. It’s time for a new way of thinking.

The first rule of saving: every penny counts. If you look at it that way, the obvious solution is to spend only on essentials like bills and food, but no one can live that way. It’s human nature to want the little luxuries, but we also have the capacity for willpower. Continue reading “Budget Your Way to a New Home”


What’s Stopping You From Becoming An Artist?

Client: Microsoft
As featured in: Huffington Post

The obvious answer may well be “I can’t draw”, a resignation that ended most people’s artistic aspirations at school age, literally leaving them with no drawing board to go back to. In the computer coming-of-age, however, with art apps becoming more sophisticated yet less intimidating, not having the aptitude or training no longer needs to be a drawback.

As long as you have the artistic leaning, you’ll find everything you need to spend your spare time practicing and perfecting the skills required to transform those doodles into masterpieces. For those who’ve tried their hand at being arty and failed before (think of all those unopened paint sets clogging up the drawers), you’ll be happy to hear you won’t have to invest in expensive packages in order to trial your inner artist’s abilities. Everything you need can be added to your PC at the tap of a pen. Continue reading “What’s Stopping You From Becoming An Artist?”